What A Scoundrel Wants by Carrie Lofty

what_a_scoundrel_wantsWhat A Scoundrel Wants by Carrie Lofty

In this dazzling, original tale, Carrie Lofty imagines a new chapter in the well-loved Robin Hood fable. Meet Robin’s rakish nephew, Will Scarlet, a man whose talents with the sword and the ladies are legendary—until his desire for one woman changes everything.


Grade: B

I first discovered this book while running a search over on Smart Bitches for books that rated an A. When I read the description about a book based on Robin Hood it piqued my interest. After reading on and discovering that the 1991 film Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves inspired it, or more importantly that Christian Slater’s portrayal of Will Scarlet did, I was sold.


Young Christian! I still love his older movies, like Heathers and Pump Up The Volume. That voice, his sarcastic wit. Yessss.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know that Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves is a kind of a terrible movie. One that you remember fondly even if you feel guilty because it was so badly written and inaccurate. And Kevin Costner? Really? But despite all that was wrong with the movie there were some really wonderful things too. Namely Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham. He stole every scene he was in. And Morgan Freeman! And yes, a very young and always snarky Christian Slater.

So this book is like fanfiction in that way. Really well written and researched fanfic. Hell yeah. I’m so there. I love historical novels. And romance novels. And kick ass heroines. This one has them all. (And Will Scarlet!) Frankly I’m kind of surprised that there were not more reviews for this over on Amazon, but most were favorable. The one with the lowest stars takes the author to task for a sex scene in which Meg, our lead character puts the moves on Will while he is asleep and injured. Because that is wrong, wrong, wrong. And yeah. I sympathize with a reader who doesn’t like that kind of thing, although it is very prevalent in romance novels. But normally it is the guy making the advances. I couldn’t help but wonder if this reader was upset about that in all romance books or if it was just because in this instance it was a woman being the aggressor? (And let’s not get into the discussion of dub-con and how it has no place in real life. We’re talking about fiction here.) The thing is, Meg is not some weepy character who has no spine. She lies. She smart as hell. She’s manipulative. She’s violent at times. And if she wants something she goes after it. It was fucking refreshing to read about a female character like this. And then there’s Will!

I really liked this one. (And for 3.99, you can’t beat the price.) While this book is classified as romance, I enjoyed it more than most I have read. There is a complicated story line, the writing is superb, and the secondary characters are well developed.

Oh man, I need to watch Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves Again… Someone save me from Kevin Costner and Bryan Adams!


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March 2, 2013 · 3:03 am

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